Congratulations to the 30-Day 30-Gun Giveaway Winners:

October 1:  John Salter

October 2:  David Turner

October 3:  Jeff Dunnam

October 4:  Geoff Graves

October 5:  Chris Hare

October 6:  Jeff Hargis

October 7:  Donnie Baggette

October 8:  Alton Givens

October 9:  Mark Mack

October 10: Sam Felts

October 11: Amy Dees

October 12: Jimmy Lovinggood

October 13: Anna Hudson

October 14: Austin Till

October 15: Terry Nettles

October 16: Herbert Brooks

October 17: Delaine Hodges

October 18: Shannon Kelley

October 19: Hudson Hines, Jr.

October 20: Johnny Briggs

October 21: Perry Owens

October 22: Mark Mack

October 23: J.P. Brooks

October 24: Andy Booker

October 25: Tim Bailey



The criteria to enter advanced Math and Science Courses shall be based on the student’s math grades as this has proven to be our best indicator of aptitude for higher level courses.  

Rising eighth graders must have a math average of at least 88 for the year to go into Advanced Algebra I (and the advanced science track) in eighth grade. Rising ninth graders who have taken Advanced Algebra I must have a math average of at least 90 to move into Advanced Geometry (and remain in the advanced science track). 

Rising ninth graders must have a math average of at least 80 to advance to Advanced Algebra I (and the advanced science track) in ninth grade.  

A student who attends summer school must drop back to standard track.  

If a student is in standard track he or she may only move to advanced classes through the procedures outlined herein or by unanimous approval of the teachers in the math department and the headmaster.



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Volunteer Walk of Pride

School Events
•  State Oratorical
•  Trunk or Treat
Time: 5:00 PM
•  Powder Puff Game
Time: 6:30 PM
•  College Fair (Seniors) @ASCC
Time: 10:30 AM