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Monroe Academy Beta Club

The Monroe Academy Beta Club consists of students in the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes.  Students must achieve a specified number of points to gain membership.  These points are determined by the grades they make in both general studies and honor courses.  The grades are checked at the beginning of each semester.  A student will be placed on probation for one semester if points are not maintained.  A students will be dropped from membership after a semester on probation.  A student that has been dropped can reenter if points are brought up at any semester check.  The Beta Club members participate in projects during the year, such as refreshments for teachers at Christmas.  There is no fundraising, but Beta Club members do pay yearly dues to the club and once to the National Beta Club.  Beta members may attend the state and/or national convention.  The club elects officers in the fall.

Monroe Academy Beta Club Point System:

13 points required based on 5 academic subjects

15 points required based on 6 academic subjects

17 points required based on 7 academic subjects


I.  Honors Courses

    Points:  A=4     B=3      C=2      D=1      F=0


    H Algebra I

    H Geometry

    H Algebra II


    Intro to Calculus



    H Biology

    H Chemistry

    AP Biology

    H Physics


    Foreign Language

    Spanish I

    Spanish II


II. General Courses

     Points:  A=4     B=3     C=2     D=1     F=0


General studies courses include all book courses not included in Honors.  Examples of non-book courses are athletics, annual, newspaper, scholars bowl, teacher's aide, physical education.