Monroe Academy

Third Grade Supply List


#2 pencils                                               2 red pens

notebook paper (no college lined)         2 pocket folders

1 set (12) Prang colored pencils              1 set (10) Classic Crayola Markers

Elmer's school glue (white)                   Crayola crayons (64)

Fiskar's pointed scissors                       Pentel oil pastels (12)

1 Sharpie black marker                        2 packs 3X5 lined notecards (white)

2 boxes Kleenex                                 2 rolls paper towels

wooden ruler (in. and cm.)                    2 Pink Pearl erasers

watercolor paint set


The above items may be purchased at Central Supply Company in

Monroeville.  They will have the supplies already bagged for you if you place your order before their deadline.


The following items are also needed:

Large three ring binder with subject dividers (Label Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language)   Please put paper in binder.

Plastic shoebox size container for supplies


Please donate the following circled items.  It would be greatly appreciated!

Please check the school supply list that is in your end of the year packet for your specific item!!

Bandaids (regular size)                 quart Ziploc bags                  

Bandaids (wide/large                    gallon Ziploc bags                              


Plastic spoons    

Styrofoam Bowls                                  

409 or Fantastic spray                                             

styrofoam plates                                                  

After Bite for insects


*Rolling backpacks and large backpacks that cannot be folded to fit in the hall lockers are not allowed.  We do not have the space to store them during the day.  Do not send them.